A ruler with one end leaning on an orange block with a yellow background.
A ruler with one end leaning on an orange block with a yellow background.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

User experience scorecards are a vital way to communicate usability metrics in a business sense. They allow teams to quantify the user experience and track changes over time.

Collecting consistent and standardized metrics allows organizations to better understand the current user experience of websites, software, and apps (Sauro, 2018).

My most recent round of usability testing was conducted on a prototype for a records management product that has never had user experience research performed. So our priority here was to establish some benchmarks. To do this I tested the prototype against three metrics: success rate, ease of use, and usability…

navigation patterns and interaction design.

The Disney plus logo with a transparent background.
The Disney plus logo with a transparent background.
Disney+ logo


Although I’m not the biggest fan of Disney’s media monopoly for a variety of reasons, I’m a huge Marvel geek. As such, I was excited about Disney+ when it arrived, serving as the home for Marvel Studios streaming. I think Disney+ is a great service and provides plenty of value for the customer. However, in dealing with the app itself, I’ve always found the UX to be somewhat lacking, an opinion which seems to run counter to consensus in the broader UX community. …

Catch low-hanging fruit with heuristics so that users can reveal deeper insights in usability tests

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User experience research tends to break down into two broad categories, field studies and usability testing. Or, we might refer to this as need assessment and usability evaluation. Either way, heuristic evaluations will fall under the umbrella of usability methods. This method was invented by Nielsen and Molich (1990) and popularized as a means of discount usability evaluation, aimed at software startups that didn’t have the budget for real user research. Today, user research is more common, and usability testing is the gold standard. If you want to maximize your return on investment (ROI) for usability testing, you’ll want to…

Bioastronautics is a branch of aerospace engineering that specializes in the study and support of life in space. Bioastronautics researchers are interested in the biological, behavioral, medical, and material domains of organisms in spaceflight. Technological advances have increasingly led to a deepened interest and urgency in the domain of space habitat. The goal of NASA’s Artemis Program is to establish a sustainable lunar colony in order to learn how to establish a sustainable colony on Mars. One of the primary objectives in the design and development of new technology to support life in space is the need to develop software…

Bioastronautics is a focus area of aerospace engineering that specializes in the study and support of life in space. This area of research spans the biological, behavioral, medical and material domains of living organisms in spaceflight. Increasingly, it’s also being applied to space habitat environments. And while the body of research spans decades, there is little information available regarding the user experience. I’d like to change that.

Artistic rendition of Space Station Freedom with the STS Orbiter Vehicle
Artistic rendition of Space Station Freedom with the STS Orbiter Vehicle
Space Exploration Initiative — Wikipedia

Up until recently, the emphasis has been on pushing the bounds of what’s technologically possible and making it work. And to a large extent, this will continue to be true. However, we are…

Image of Grandmont-Rosedale Development Corporation landing page
Image of Grandmont-Rosedale Development Corporation landing page
GRDC landing page

“Interwalla” is made up of 4 UX professionals from the University of Michigan’s School of Information MSI program. Their names are: Joanne Kim, Tianyue Yang (Maggie), Marcus Thomas, and Matthew Garvin (me)

Executive Summary

The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) serves to preserve and revitalize the Grandmont Rosedale communities of northwest Detroit through a wide range of community engagement programs. One of these programs is the volunteer Vacant Property Task Force (VPTF). The VPTF works with community members and external organizations to make sure that vacant properties in the GRDC’s neighborhoods are being maintained. However, the process by which the VPTF members…

As we were going over Personas in my Interaction Design course at UMSI, I began seeing some articles on the topic that I wanted to share with the class.

Kill your Personas — Microsoft Design

Stop obsessing over user personas — UX Collective

The discussion we had also correlates with an issue I’m having with the MacLean et al., reading. While I overall found Design Space Analysis highly informative and useful for the design process, I’m hung up on QOC as argument based. …

The goal of this report is three-fold. It seeks to compare and evaluate two competing websites in terms of human-computer interaction with a focus on the information processing model. This model likens our cognitive processes to how a computer works. Using this critique, we will then propose a new design, and justify why this design is an improvement over these two sites. (Wickens, Hollands, Banbury & Parasuraman 2015, pp. 3–5)

image source: https://dataworks-ed.com/blog/2014/07/the-information-processing-model/


For the purpose of comparison, this report will consider two users with individual differences on Jakob Nielsen’s (1993) user cube as shown below.

Janet is a cohort 2 Baby Boomer…

The most critical issues in the field of information seem to stem from the fact that we’re awash in it, information that is. Making sense of this information and making it accessible, or at least useful to the public can only be accomplished through adaptive technology and the adaptation of that technology through the culture.

However, both technology and culture are prone to high degrees of variation throughout both time and space.

In order to adapt technology to the people that are intended to use it, developers need good information on user needs, values, and patterns of behavior. With today’s…

From Wikipedia:

Most lawns are composed of a monoculture (single species) of plants, which reduces biodiversity, especially when the lawn covers a large area. They usually are composed of introduced species not native to the area, which can further decrease a locale’s biodiversity and vital habitats supporting an ecosystem.

Lawn maintenance often uses inorganic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, which can harm the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has estimated[when?] nearly 70,000,000 pounds (32,000,000 kg) of active pesticide ingredients are used on suburban lawns each year in the United States.[13]

For example, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Kuwait, and…

Matthew Garvin (高价会)

information systems design research | msi @ u-m

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