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  • dawn pankonien

    dawn pankonien

    Binational. Transdisciplinary.

  • Hsin-yu Yang, Annie

    Hsin-yu Yang, Annie

    Product Design Intern @ Duo Security, Cisco/ HCI Master Student @ UMICH / Yogi / Traveler / Reader / Vegan. @annieyanghy

  • S. Arsalan Zaidi

    S. Arsalan Zaidi

    I am an entrepreneur who thinks in design. I work with organizations to bring about technological change and love to create products that resonate people.

  • Rupal Nigam

    Rupal Nigam

  • Tianyue Yang

    Tianyue Yang

  • Sopho Soroznishvili

    Sopho Soroznishvili

  • Heather Laverty

    Heather Laverty

  • Nicolo Arena

    Nicolo Arena

    Ciao, I’m Nicolo. I design products that make people and businesses thrive. Product designer @facebook, previously @transferwise @bulb

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